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The winter has come. The days are dark, cold, and dreary. There is little happiness, and little to look forward to; no hope remains. In this climate of despair and misery, we finally go crazy. All rationality is lost. We are here to celebrate the ideas that are borne of this insanity.

What is Bad Ideas?

Bad Ideas is an annual competition in IAP where MIT students build ridiculous projects and compete in absurd events. We've built solar furnaces, thousand-LED watt-drinkers, held Taco-bell eating contests, and we want to fund your new and exciting bad ideas this year. Want to bake a 10-tier wedding cake? Run the world's slowest game of Simon Says? Build a functional outdoor sauna? We have the resources and the enthusiasm to help make them happen.

Past Bad Ideas include:

  • Craigslist Scavengerhunt
  • Butter Sculpting
  • Green Building challenge
  • Chipotle Marathon
  • Taco Bell Eating Contest
  • Milk Hero (It's like Guitar Hero, but instead of strumming frets you drink milk.)
  • Duct Tape Your Friends to the Wall
  • Python Bee
  • Choose Your Own Erotic Adventure
  • Hot Tub/Sauna
  • Hershey's Chocolate Syrup Drinking Contest
  • ClusterFuck (And by Fuck we mean Race. Team to log into the most clusters in a designated amount of time wins.)
  • Pig Roast/Luau
  • Mario Kart Trike Racing
  • Pretend To Be a Harvard Student