2021 Bad Ideas Events Schedule

All times are in Eastern standard time.

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All Weekend!

Hang out on the bad ideas discord! (discord)

Pretend you're hanging out in the EC courtyard, warmed by the grills (which are hot), waiting for your burger to cook. But instead, you're sitting at your computer, typing into a hip messaging platform called discord.

Digging a hole in Minecraft (discord / minecraft server)

Yeah I know Minecraft is a survival sandbox game and there's so much we could do but what if we just had a server and we just mined out large chunks of land for a weekend. A waste of a good game. There will also be a dedicated time on Saturday for everyone to work on digging holes together (see below). IP address for server:


nth Annual Python Spelling Bee (zoom link via discord)

2:00 PMImagine coding blind, under time pressure, in front of a large audience. Is this a nightmare? No! It's a Python bee.

Digging a hole in Minecraft (discord / minecraft server)

3:00 - 6:00 PM (also all weekend) Yeah I know Minecraft is a survival sandbox game and there's so much we could do but what if we just had a server and we just mined out large chunks of land for a weekend. A waste of a good game. IP address for server:

Nic Cage movie marathon (discord)

5:00 PM (through 5pm Sun) "Tool up, honey bunny, it's time to get bad guys watch 24 hours of Nic Cage movies." --Nic Cage, as Big Daddy in Kick Ass, probably

"Sense of place" - MIT perfume line (zoom link via discord)

7:00 PM Will take place in our very own kitchen. It will be like a make your own cocktail/mocktail event, using everyday items and ingredients:

Ex 1: "Course 8 Undergrad lounge": take some printed psets, shred them and place them in boiling water. Hopefully you'll be able to distill the essence of Schrödinger for that midterm tomorrow. This will serve as your base. Take some chalk and make a powder--be sure to not to inhale. Find the stalest cookies, some leftovers from the compost, and mince them finely--these are from the fancy lunch that the profs had last Friday. Add these fine ingredients to the boiling mixture after straining out the psets. Finally, find a banana peel (I would suggest getting them from the Banana Lounge, but that's impossible these days) and squeeze it over the concoction. Wait till 5 pm when your pset is due (or 45 minutes), and strain out the particulates. Serve in a chipped and half-washed mug.

Ex 2: "Freshman Learning Community": Take some pasta, and make pasta. Strain out the pasta--the liquid will serve as the base. If you were in ESG, find the oldest disposable things, powderize them, and add them to the mixture. Take some tea bags and coffee grounds--there is usually an unlimited supply. How else would you take PNR to the max? Add these, alongside with a tsp of powdered chalk, into the mixture. If you were in Terrascope, you might want to sprinkle in some dirt from a Spider plant. Finish it off with a tinge of regret. Not sure what you would add if you were in Concourse.

Nerdy pickup line tournament (zoom link via discord)


We are Big Dijkstra Energy, (our Instagram), a student-run webcomic of math/CS puns to help you woo that queue-tie in your life! Join our first NERDY PICKUP LINES TOURNAMENT for IAP Bad Ideas Weekend!!! Here are the steps:

1. Submit your nerdy pickup line at this form before 1/22! (NSFW submissions are welcomed! But only Safe for work submissions will be eligible for prizes. See more detail on the form.)


3. Vote for your favorite pickup line tournament bracket style on our instagram to determine who has the biggest dijkstra energy @ MIT

Prizes: top 3 will receive a custom BDE t-shirt and clout.

Green Building Challenge ( via discord)

10:00 PM Like the usual Green Building Challenge, but in a virtual Green Building, while you sit on your butt by your computer! Participants will be given 30 minutes to climb up and down the virtual Green Building as many times as possible using their arrow/WSAD keys. When they reach the top of the green building, they must check in with one of the organizers and perform a pushup/jumping jack/whatever physical activity they can do. They will then repeat this process after reaching the bottom of the green building.


Nic Cage marathon (continued) (discord)

until 5:00 PM "Tool up, honey bunny, it's time to get bad guys watch 24 hours of Nic Cage movies." --Nic Cage, as Big Daddy in Kick Ass, probably

Bread Clothes (zoom link via discord)

1:00 PMMake a clothing line (or items like shoes and gloves) entirely out of bread. Bread is the new clothes

Handheld train whistle air horn (zoom link via discord)

2:00 PM Put an air canister/compressor and tank on a whistle I have

Cheese Cake (zoom link via discord)

3:00 PM Cheesecake reimagined. Instead of cake there is sourdough and instead of sweet cheese there is brie cheese put into a piping tip and slathered on the bread in a concerning attempt to make it look like cake. No cooking or food items will be properly used. Watch as three stooges battle it out to make the least ratchet cheese cake. Winner to be determined by an outside judge and which one of us dies the least after eating the creation.

Melon and Gourd Bowling (zoom link via discord)

5:00 PM roll a watermelon or other melon toward gourds which are the pins (can do it down a driveway?)

Mysterious Monochrome Mania (zoom link via discord)

8:00 PMLow Pressure Sodium Lamps are great; they are extremely efficient lighting sources (comparable to the most optimized LEDs), create minimal environmental light pollution when used at night, are ideal for astronomical observation, and are not as disruptive to one's circadian rhythm. However, what makes this light source so special is also cited as it's main disadvantage - it's monochromatic light output.

Therefore, for this Bad Ideas IAP, we will use a 90 Watt Low Pressure Sodium Vapor Lamp for exactly its worst cited purpose - color based activities! Under this light source, and only this light source, a selection of many-hued, yet unlabelled, mark-making instruments will be used to create a colorful illustration. Join to co-create this drawing and witness funky demos on color perception.

Orgo Speedrun (zoom link via discord)

9:00 PMWe'll try to teach you enough organic chemistry necessary to synthesize a widely-used and important drug in one hour.‚Äč It's a terrible idea, but definitely possible (ok, maybe it's not, but let's find out if it is :)


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