Events take place in either Talbot Lounge or the EC Courtyard unless specified. Individual emails with more information will follow.

All Weekend!


Craving a rush burger, but sad that it isn't rush yet? Come down to the EC Courtyard to grab a bite to eat. Vegetarian options available.

Roller Coaster: Laundry Edition (EC Basement)

It's like our regular roller coaster, but for laundry! Building and test runs will occur intermittently throughout the weekend.


East Campus becomes EAST SANDWICH

1:00 PMWe put bread on the bottom and top of both buildings, forming EAST SANDWICH and kicking off Bad Ideas Weekend!

Life Sized Tower Defense

2:00 PMHave you ever wanted to be a tower?

Hot Sauce Competition

3:00 PMHow much do you know about your Capsicums? Come show how cultured you are by guessing which country different hot sauces come from. Compete to win and take home many-Scovilles-worth of prizes! Or just come to try interesting hot sauces that you may not have tried before.

French Bread Fencing

4:00 PMBring on the pain. Baguettes will be provided.

Chicken McNugget Eating Competition

5:00 PMYou. Nuggets. Glory.

Bake Latex Into Cakes!

6:00 PMCome watch our latex creations explode, or implode! We're not really sure. That's what makes it science!

nth Annual Python Bee

7:00 PMImagine coding blind, under time pressure, in front of a large audience. Is this a nightmare? No! It's a Python bee.

Ghost Pepper Roulette

7:00 PM5 plates, 25 wings, 5 contenders, and a whole lotta spice. White elephant rules. After all contenders have picked their plates, they will be given 10 seconds to eat as many wings on their plate as possible.

Shotgunning Energy Drinks

8:00 PMHelp Rob not ruin his life by getting rid of all of his energy drinks. Keys, trash can, energy drinks, and instructions will be provided.

The L Factor (66-110)

9:00 PMWill you be the alpha-lesbian? Gather your flannels and compete, or join the audience to cast your vote in this truly singular fashion pageant.

Chocolate Fountain

10:30 PMMelt 15 lbs of chocolate chips with a chocolate fountain machine. Dip chocolate with pretzels, cookies, fruits and ice cream, hotpot style.

Speed Jenga

11:00 PMJenga has never been so intense.

xTreme Gift Wrapping

11:30 PMThe holidays are over, but the epic battle for wrapping presents is not! Wrap tables! Wrap chairs! Wrap people! Wrap everything!


1000 Crepes, 24 Hours (French House)

12:00 AMJust a lot of homemade crepes. And toppings!

Bee Movie IRL

11:00 AM (all day)It's Ticket to Ride except every time a rail is completed we play Lord of the Rings Risk but every time someone takes a stronghold we play chess


1:00 PMSnow + Sand gives trained volleyball players the edge to make better saving throws. Come play the winter sport the Olympics committee called "horribly unplayable".
This may or may not count for PE points.

2^n cookies (EC Kitchens)

2:22 PM (all day)This year, we're shooting for n=12.

Drag Racing

2:30 PMCompete to be the best and the fastest drag queen! Lipstick and nail polish will be provided.

Chipotle Marathon (starts at Harvard Chipotle)

3:00 PMGo on a Chipotle run to the Kendall, Central, and Harvard Square locations.

Kazoo Flash Mob

4:30 PMGet ready for the most catastrophically cacophonous event of Bad Ideas 2017 - the most outrageously audible occurrence you'll ever hear - that's right, it's time for MIT's very own kazoo flash mob! Meet in Talbot to pick up your weapon of choice (aka a red kazoo) and embark on this gloriously ill-advised quest.

Hoverboard Ice Dancing (Stata Ampitheatre)

5:00 PM, on Sunday if rainCome watch what would otherwise be an exquisite display of elegance and artistry butchered by a gaudy display of recklessness and mediocrity with this Bad Ideas Weekend performance of Hover Board Ice Dancing (DISCLAIMER: no ice will actually be present).

Quad Fighting League (50-140)

5:30 PMFighting with drones, what could possibly go wrong?

Action Girlz Racing Tournament (Fifth East Goodale Lounge)

7:00 PMWikipedia says: The Wiiviewr, an internet Video Game critic, claimed that the game "is as much fun as a root canal, and almost as painful to play."

Human Dog Sledding

8:00 PMMush!

Green Building Challenge (54 Stairwell)

9:00 PMGet a team together or join one of ours and see who can climb the Green Building the most times. Team and individual recognition will be given.

Mobile Pinkies: Green Building Edition

9:00 PMIt's IAP & Bad Ideas! Time to finally get out of east campus, and explore the rest of MIT.

As usual, Pinkie's has your best interests at heart; we'll be aiding you in your explorations by moving Pinkies to faraway locations at opportune times.

Who doesn't want a sugary deep fried donut during the green building challenge? A vending machine scavenger hunt? Why not just the usual Pinkie's slop instead? It's cheaper, and probably about the same quality.

Regardless of your bad ideas activity of choice (well, assuming you chose the green building challenge or the vending machine scavenger hunt. Hey, we have lives too) we'll be there, supporting you all the way and helping turn your bad idea into a terrible idea.

Speed Hair Cutting and other hair sciences (54 Lobby)

9:00 PMTake a break from watching other people do the Green Building Challenge to ruin your hair!


10:00 PMEvent in courtyard of East Camp in style of Japanese game show! Answer Trivia's question for excellent prize or fall to your death! Let's punishing contest!


MIT Bathroom Data Collection (throughout campus)

10:00 AM (all day)Help populate the MIT Bathroom Catalog, a thorough database of all bathrooms on MIT campus, through the power of crowdsourcing.

Talbot (Actual) Ramen Shop

11:00 AM (all day)Come join us in Talbot for a delicious homemade bowl of ramen. Vegetarian option included.

Tape Measure Opening Contest (EC Hayden Stairwell)

11:00 AM (all day)Push tape measures past the breaking point for fabulous prizes! Or maybe just one prize.

Vending Machine Scavenger Hunt (throughout campus)

12:00 PMGo on an epic quest to find the ultimate vending machine!

Mobile Pinkies: MIT Medical Vending Machine

12:00 PMSee the earlier description for the same event.

Yarn Bombing

12:30 PMIt'll be a blast!

Egg Juggling

1:00 PMCome be an eggcellent juggler, don't crack under the pressure!

Transparent Horizons Improvement Ceremony

2:00 PMMaking the courtyard a cozier place! Cocoa will be provided.

Pancake Stacking Competition

3:00 PMCome cook and stack pancakes for one hour! The tallest pancake stack in the world so far was only 3' 4'' high. Beat this guinness world record! Or build an EC pancake replica! Or just come to eat the pancake buildings later.

Taco Bell Eating Contest

4:00 PMThink you can eat more Taco Bell than me? I dare you. First place gets a prize.

Trader Jack's Speed Dating

5:00 got you down? Come try meeting people in person while eating Trader Joe's snax!

Talk with the ten hundred most often used words!

5:30 PMTalk only with the top ten hundred words. Explain hard things with only these words.

Destroy (a model of) East Campus!

6:00 PMThe real thing is indestructible, so let's go for the next best thing.

Life Sized Double Oscillator (50-140)

6:30 PMThe kind of thing your physics teacher never intended for you to try at home.

Vegetarian Dining Hall

7:00 PMDid you hear they made East Campus a dining dorm?


7:00 PMThey're hot dog buns with sticks of butter instead of hot dogs. That's it. No prizes, no contest, only butterdogs. But let's be real, you probably want to try one. It is, after all, a weekend full of bad ideas.

TEDxBad Ideas* (66-110)

8:00 PMGive a talk. Add some entropy. Change the universe.

Bad Ideas Ball (First East Walcott Lounge)

Party o'clockPartying is never a bad idea.


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