Events take place in either Talbot Lounge or the EC Courtyard unless specified. Individual emails with more information will follow.

All Weekend!


Craving a rush burger, but sad that it isn't rush yet? Come down to the EC Courtyard to grab a bite to eat. Vegetarian options available.

Endurance Trucking in VR (Stata Lobby, Sunday)

Come discover the inner world of an endangered species: the truck driver. From 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM, watch us attempt an extended session in a realistic virtual reality truck simulation. From 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM, come try it out for yourself!

Board Game Hackathon (Awards in Next House First Floor Lounge)

Make a board game in 24 hours. Judging follows; first place receives a manufactured prototype of their game! Submissions will be accepted electronically; info here


gather yee thots and booleth in the steamy hot baths against the will of the raging winter


East Campus becomes EAST SANDWICH

1:00 PMWe put bread on the bottom and top of both buildings, forming EAST SANDWICH and kicking off Bad Ideas Weekend!

Longboard Curling

1:00 PMAccelerate a longboard through the halls of EC. Roll off of it at a particular point. See how far it goes.

Ripstik Jousting

1:30 PMBecome a ripstik knight. Wield a pool noodle. Win eternal glory.

FitnessGram PACER Test

2:00 PMThe FitnessGram Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues.

Recorder Talent Show

3:00 PMCome be a part of EC's first recorder band! No need to know how to play the recorder or read music. Come make gloriously cacophonous sounds and serenade campus!

Mirrors for Next House Dining Lines (Next House)

3:00 PMAs everyone knows, Next House dining is the best dining. Unfortunately, our culinary superiority comes at a price -- an ungodly-long line in front of our stir-fry station. No one wants to wait in line. We have considered a variety of solutions to this problem. DeepLens cameras running big-data deep-learning people-detection algorithms. Subdermal tracking implants for every Next House resident. A sentry turret that enforces a maximum line length. Sadly, we have the technological prowess of Paleolithic cave dwellers, so we might have to forgo these high-tech solutions in favor of a simpler approach. We propose placing a series of convex and concave mirrors throughout Next House dining, enabling one to view the stir-fry line from the comfort and safety of the second floor. With a mere 45 degree head rotation, inhabitants of the 2W wing will now be able to determine how long they will have to wait in line. Assuming that they have a telescope.

Code Golf

4:00 PMWrite programs in as few characters as possible.

nth Annual Python Bee

5:00 PMImagine coding blind, under time pressure, in front of a large audience. Is this a nightmare? No! It's a Python bee.

Duct Tape Clothes Making

6:00 PMNeed new pants? Or a new shirt? Running low on socks? Come make new clothes out of duck tape!

Chicken Nugget Challenge

7:00 PMARE YOU READY FOR 1000s OF NUGGS? Eat as many chicken nuggets as possible during the event, winner takes home glory and heart problems.

Food Shotgunning

7:30 PMYou've all probably shotgunned your fair share of non-alcoholic beverages, but what about a can of soup? A can of pineapple slices? Come get a meal's worth of calories in ten seconds flat.

Kazoo Flash Mob

8:00 PMGet ready for the most catastrophically cacophonous event of Bad Ideas - the most outrageously audible occurrence you'll ever hear - that's right, it's time for MIT's very own kazoo flash mob! Meet in Talbot to pick up your weapon of choice (aka a red kazoo) and embark on this gloriously ill-advised quest.

Eye Contact Experiment

9:00 PMCome to experience the beauty of human connection or excruciating awkwardness.

50 Shades of Gay (2-190)

9:30 PMWhat shade of the rainbow are you? This game show has the answer. Play with us, or sit and watch.

Fellatio Contest

10:30 PMAre you a champion at sucking cock? Put your speed and stamina to the test and compete for eternal glory, or just watch the epic fellatio unfold!

Lobby 7 Reverb (Lobby 7)

12:00 AMEver notice that there's a significant "echo" when you talk in Lobby 7? With convolution reverb, we can record and capture that effect, allowing us to make anything sound like it's in Lobby 7!


Trebuchet (Briggs Field)

1:00 PMBuild a trebuchet! Launch various objects!

Archaeology Dig

2:00 PMYou've explored in, around, and above the buildings on campus, but have you ever wondered what lies below our feet? What hidden treasures, historical artifacts, and interesting rocks hide underneath the ground we walk on every day? Or do you just really like to dig? If so, come help us unearth some excitement at the Archaeology Dig.

Bubble Ball Moshpit

2:00 PMWear bubbles and run into people while listening to aggressive music.

2^n Cookies (1E Kitchen)

2:22 PM (all day)So much cookie baking! We're shooting for n=12.

Drink a Gallon of Milk with Cookies (EC Kitchens)

2:22 PM (all day)Milk for your 2^n cookies!

Chipotle Marathon (starts in Talbot)

3:00 PMThe Chipotle Marathon™ (patent pending) returns for its k+1th year to fill your hearts with joy, your stomachs with burritos, and your muscles with lactic acid.

LaTeX Competition (2-190)

3:00 PMDo you like perfectly-typeset equations? Beautiful scribe notes? Intense competition? Then come show off your LaTeXpertise at the LaTeX bee! Bring a laptop with LaTeX installed to participate.

Egg Hunger Games (The Dot)

4:00 PMIn this world, it's either scramble or get scrambled. Regardless of whether you're a sworn egg-smasher, an yolk-thirsty glory-seeker, or a hopeless 2012 nostalgic, the only way to win is to be the last tribute remaining with their egg intact.

Rice Cafe

5:00 PMWelcome to the Rice Cafe. Menu: Furikake Rice, Coconut Rice, Spicy Rice, etc.

Human Dogsledding

6:00 PMdogsledding: but with humans

Steak Newton's Cradle

7:00 PMCome help or watch us build a Newton's cradle, but with the balls replaced by steaks (raw and/or cooked)!

Shotgunning Energy Drinks (5E)

8:30 PMBad Ideas tiring you out? Hate sleeping at normal hours? Are bad habits your thing? Wanna see my heart palpitate? Come ruin your body by drowning it homework juice!

Green Building Challenge (54 Stairwell)

9:00 PMGet a team together or join one of ours and see who can climb the Green Building the most times. Team and individual recognition will be given.

Mobile Pinkies: Green Building Edition

9:00 PMIt's IAP & Bad Ideas! Time to finally get out of east campus, and explore the rest of MIT.

As usual, Pinkie's has your best interests at heart; we'll be aiding you in your explorations by moving Pinkies to faraway locations at opportune times.

Who doesn't want a sugary deep fried donut during the green building challenge? A vending machine scavenger hunt? Why not just the usual Pinkie's slop instead? It's cheaper, and probably about the same quality.

Regardless of your bad ideas activity of choice (well, assuming you chose the green building challenge or the vending machine scavenger hunt. Hey, we have lives too) we'll be there, supporting you all the way and helping turn your bad idea into a terrible idea.

Heavy Metal Karaoke

10:00 PM"Upheaval of human entrails/ Deterioration of grated genitals/ Dangling from the hooks/ Obscene feelings deep inside me" Come sing along to all the classics - "Chainsaw Gutfuck," "Hammer Smashed Face, and even "Blood Splattered Satisfaction."


Lettuce Eating Competition

1:00 PM Come compete in how quickly you can eat a head of lettuce! A good palate cleanser for all the other things you'll be eating throughout the day.

Easy Bake Oven Cookoff

1:30 PMMake delicious pastries using state-of-the-art technology: easy bake ovens.

Food Roulette

2:00 PMThere is good food and nasty food. You must eat as much as possible to win a prize that probably sucks. Vomit = lose.

Ghost Pepper Roulette

2:00 PMNormal chicken wing? Spicy chicken wing? Ghost pepper chicken wing? Who knows.

Taco Bell Eating Competition


East Parallel vs. West Parallel Capture the Flag

3:00 PMWhich parallel is the best parallel? Face off in the courtyard to find out! Hot cocoa provided, even for the losers.

Human GPU

4:00 PMSpend some time being a computer. Help train neural networks by hand.

Spicy Ramen Challenge

5:00 PMIt's the spicy ramen challenge.

EC Resonant Frequency

6:00 PMSolve a frequently-pondered mystery: what frequency does EC vibrate at?

Super Holiday Crafting

7:00 PMMiss out on pumpkin carving because of psets? Easter egg painting? Christmas decorating? Come to Super Holiday Crafting to make a bunch of random holiday crafts, listen to holiday music, and be generally festive on this random January day.

Packing Peanut Eating Competition

7:30 PMthey're actually quite tasty, i promise

TEDxBad Ideas (2-190)

8:00 PMGive a talk. Add some entropy. Change the universe.

Bad Ideas Ball (First East)

Party o'clockPartying is never a bad idea. Catered by Pinkie's.


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