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All Weekend!

Burgers (EC Courtyard)

Craving a rush burger, but sad that it isn't rush yet? Come down to the EC Courtyard to grab a bite to eat. Vegetarian options available.

FitnessGram Pacer Test (tm) (EC Courtyard)

2:00 PMThe FitnessGram PACER Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues.


EAsT SANDWHICH (Talbot Lounge)

11:00AMWe put bread on the bottom and top of both buildings, forming EAST SANDWICH and kicking off Bad Ideas Weekend!

The Biggest Bowl of Breakfast (Beast glounge)

11:00AMAll of the breakfast in one giant bowl!!! Soy chorizo, roasted potatoes, rice, eggs, and cheese in a quantity large enough to warrant a kiddie pool. Please come eat the things!!!

Board games but everytime you... (Floor pi lounges)

11:00AM (all day)Also known as Bee Movie, real life edition, for 8 hours, nonstop.

human dogsledding (EC Courtyard)

1:00 PMdogsledding: but with humans

Scooter Balancing (Talbot Lounge)

2:00 PMBalance on scooters in non-intuitive ways. Juice boxes provided, scooters somewhat provided.

FitnessGram PACER Test (EC Courtyard)

2:00 PMThe FitnessGram Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues.

Secede from Daylight Savings! (Talbot Lounge)

3:00 PMDaylight Savings is stupid. So we're just gonna leave.

Taco Bell Eating Competition (Talbot Lounge)


Build a Giant Oven (EC Courtyard)

3:00 PMWe'll be making a 7ft x 7ft steel-and-concrete oven in the courtyard.

Wear warm clothes and be ready to lift 25 lb blocks.

Chicken nugget eating competition (Talbot Lounge)

4:00 PM

I love chicken nuggets, it's true

I bet I love chicken

nuggets more than you do

if you don't like chicken

nuggets we can't be friends

Me and chicken nuggets till the very end

Honey mustard, Barbecue,

Sweet and Sour Sauce

Can I get three of each

I'm gonna eat em' all

I love chicken nuggets

and I eat them everyday

Chicken chicken nuggets yea

Chicken chicken nuggets yea

chicken chicken nuggets

yea, yea, yea, yea

Family Feud: EC Edition (Talbot Lounge)

5:00 PMFamily Feud but answers are taken from ec-discuss

Dog Racing (First East)

6:00 PMA selected corps of elite doggos will attempt to make it down an EC hallway without getting distracted by smells and people! Watch from the lounges as our dogs sprint down the hallway tempted by treats and cajoled by their owners. Is it speed or focus that wins the race?

Condiment shots (Talbot Lounge)

7:00 PMDo you love ketchup? Do you love mustard? Do you love BBQ sauce? Do you love ranch?

Prove it!

Come see whether you truly love your favorite condiment.

Bring your own shot glass.

Make Pie Filling(meet in Talbot Kitchen)

7:00 PMTurn 140 cans of peaches into a pie.

Please bring large pots if you have any!

MarioKart on the Green Building (EC side of Green Building)

8:00 PMOn a cold winter evening, come play MarioKart outdoors, projected onto the Green Building, with nothing but the fiery drive to win to keep you warm. And also bring a blanket, probably.

50 Shades of Gay (2-190)

9:00 PMWhat shade of the rainbow are you? This game show has the answer. Play with us, or sit and watch.


Put the Pie Together (meet in Talbot Kitchen)

7:00AMRoll out dough, pour the filling in, and start baking!

Please bring rolling pins and/or cutting boards if you have any!

Yes this is at 7am so we can consume as soon as possible

Tetra-terraforming Mars (Talbot Lounge)

8:00AM (all day)Terraforming Mars (the board game), but with four boards and for 16 hours.

2^n Cookies (2E Kitchen)

10:00 AMSo much cookie baking! We're shooting for n=13.

Boiling an egg (2E Kitchen)

10:00 AM (all day)exactly what it sounds like. what will the egg look like after being boiled continuously for 12 hours?? come by to find out

Recorder Band (Talbot Lounge)

12:00 PMEsteemed folk of EAsT camPUS, our hour of glory has finally come. Once again we shall rise up as one to establish our presence on this campus and in this world. Recorders in hand, we shall storm the infinite corridor, filling the hallowed halls of MIT with the song of our people, the anthem of our joy and our suffering. COMRADES, LET US TAKE UP OUR RECORDERS AND MARCH, FOR GLORY!! [complimentary recorders and recorder lessons provided]

Wholesome Meme Dropping (starts at Kendall T)

12:00 PMHow far can you go on the T? How many wholesome memes can you drop? How many lives will you improve? Let's find out.

Boba Marathon (starts in Talbot)

1:00 PMPush the limits of your speed, endurance, and boba-consumption ability.

FitnessGram PACER Test (EC Courtyard)

2:00 PMThe FitnessGram Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues.

Grills are hot eom(iami) (Miami, Florida)

2:00 PMBad ideas goes national. Come to Miami. Where in Miami? Who knows, but if you figure it out, you'll get a burger.

C O N S U M E the pie (EC Courtyard)

??? PMConsume the six-foot diameter pie.

Lettuce Eating Competition (Talbot Lounge)

4:00 PMDo you dream of lettuce every night? Does your mouth water at the very reveal of those delicious leaves from their hiding place? Does your partner boast about your lettuce eating abilities after a passionate night of feasting? Can you eat lettuce faster than anyone you've ever met? Do you think you're truly the alpha lettuce eater of the east side of campus? Only one person can hold the title. Battle for the title against other passionate lettuce eaters and be recognized for your hard-earned ability in one of the highest forms of art known to humankind. Heads of lettuce and dressings will be provided.

nth Annual Python Spelling Bee (Talbot Lounge)

5:00 PMImagine coding blind, under time pressure, in front of a large audience. Is this a nightmare? No! It's a Python bee.

Spicy Ramen Bar (Talbot Lounge)

7:00 PMIs the winter weather getting too cold for you? Spicy ramen won't fix that, but it will distract you! Come to our bar that only serves varieties of spicy ramen.

PowerPoint Karaoke (56-114)

7:00 PMGive a presentation with slides you've never seen before! It's like a fever dream with more clothing.

Shotgunning redbull (5E kitchen)

8:00 PMBad Ideas tiring you out? Hate sleeping at normal hours? Are bad habits your thing? Wanna see my heart palpitate? Come ruin your body by drowning it homework juice!

Green Building Challenge (54 Stairwell)

9:00 PMGet a team together or join one of ours and see who can climb the Green Building the most times. Team and individual recognition will be given.

Mobile Pinkies: Green Building Edition

9:00 PMIt's IAP & Bad Ideas! Time to finally get out of east campus, and explore the rest of MIT.

As usual, Pinkie's has your best interests at heart; we'll be aiding you in your explorations by moving Pinkies to faraway locations at opportune times.

Who doesn't want a sugary deep fried donut during the green building challenge? A vending machine scavenger hunt? Why not just the usual Pinkie's slop instead? It's cheaper, and probably about the same quality.

Regardless of your bad ideas activity of choice (well, assuming you chose the green building challenge or the vending machine scavenger hunt. Hey, we have lives too) we'll be there, supporting you all the way and helping turn your bad idea into a terrible idea.


Build a Yurt (EC Courtyard)

9:00 AM Come help build a yurt! From Wikipedia: "A traditional yurt or ger is a portable, round tent covered with skins or felt and used as a dwelling by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia." It's basically a glorified tent.

Meringue House (4E kitchen)

10:00AMDo you have a passion for architecture? Do you have a passion for eggs? Do you have a passion for turning food inedible? Then oh boy do I have the event for you.

6.009DQ (EC game room. in the basement)

10:00 AM to 7:00PMJoin us as we try to complete a 6.009 lab as fast as possible!

Jello Pool (Talbot Lounge)

11:00AMI like putting things in pools. This time it is jello. you know you want to sit in it.

Chipotle Marathon (starts in Talbot)

12:00 PMThe Chipotle Marathon(patent pending) returns for its k+1th year to fill your hearts with joy, your stomachs with burritos, and your muscles with lactic acid.

Speedy Somen Noodles (Talbot Lounge)

1:00 PM"Flowing somen" is an old Japanese tradition where somen noodles are sent down a bamboo water slide and caught with chopsticks. We have expanded this tradition.

FitnessGram PACER Test (EC Courtyard)

2:00 PMThe FitnessGram Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues.

Mobile Pinkies: ??? edition (starting in EC Courtyard)

2:00 PMPinkies is now ON THE MOVE! For a limited time only, this IAP, Pinkies will dislocate itself from the confines of the Talbot kitchen and move all around campus, providing delicious, somewhat questionable, probably edible fare to all who dare to partake. The food will also be FREE, which will save you the normally-hefty 25-cent price of artisanal grilled cheeses and rustic homestyle eggs. Disclaimer: mobile pinkies is only marginally affiliated with regular pinkies, quality not assured.

The Asymptotic Time Complexity of Ice Cream Consumption Algorithms (Talbot Lounge)

3:00 PMHow does the time taken to eat ice cream scale with input size? Come put those 6.006 skills to use on a HIGHLY CONSEQUENTIAL matter. Leave with the valuable knowledge of whether your ice cream consumption time is linear, quadratic, logarithmic.... or eXPonENtial!

Dart Painting (EC Courtyard)

3:00 PMDo you remember in Princess Diaries where Mia and her mom create art by throwing darts at paint-filled balloons? Well this event is just that :).

Baguette Fencing (EC Courtyard)

3:30 PM Do you like bread, violence, have unresolved anger issues that you would like to appease by hitting other people with food, or just have a friend that you want to smash with a baguette? If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these, you are going to love this event. Come join our delicious quest of hitting each other with Nutella & Peanut Butter tipped baguettes to find the ultimate baguette-fencing champion!

the biggest reeses cup this campus has ever seen (McCormick Country Kitchen)

4:00 PMit's a giant reeses cup

Battle of the Bad Bands (Talbot Lounge)

6:00 PMPeople who don't know how to make music make music. They compete.

Gurt in a yurt with gogurt (yurt)

8:00 PMCome eat gogurt with us in a yurt with our beloved GRT, whom we call Gurt.

Bad Ideas Ball (First East)

Party o'clockPartying is never a bad idea.


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